Psychotherapy Supervision  &  Professional Consultation

Individual Supervision

Supervision can feel like someone is looking over your shoulder. My job is actually "to have your back" and help you focus on what you want and how to do it well.  ​I trust my love for the profession of psychotherapy is infectious and will inspire your work as well.  

Your toolkit or clientele does not have to look like mine.  I encourage every therapist to find a central philosophy and approach yet not ignore the wealth of the many methods available to us today.

Over the years the individuals I have supervised have had numerous psychotherapy orientations including Hakomi, art therapy, EMDR, addictions, MBCT, IFS, Sensory Experiencing, couples, child, adolescent and many more.

I am available for soul searching as well as the details of clinical intervention and practice building.

$140 per session. Sliding scale available for new practitioners.                   Contact Deborah in Boulder, CO 

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Group Supervison

We are empowered when we work as a team: sharing respect, encouragement and insight.  This is the power of working in a group supervision setting.

A private practice can feel like a lonely endeavor. Taking risks to change up how you approach clients or build your practice can seem insurmountable without a safe space to share your ideas, face challenges and build confidence. 

As a psychologist my job is to encourage exchange, share my experience, provide resources and facilitate a creative process that will enrich and enliven each participant's work and dignity in the world.

6 monthly sessions : $350,  Limited to 4 individuals.                               Contact Deborah in Boulder, CO


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Professional Consultion

 No matter how many winds are blowing, no matter how many clouds are swirling, no matter how many lions are prowling, be intimate with everything, and sit like a mountain."

                    ~ Sharon Salzberg

Rapid change can feel like riding a ferocious lion. Having a professional on your side can help you find emotional balance and ride the currents of transformation.

Learning to sit like a mountain pertains to our work as well as contemplative endeavors. We can only attune to the power of our intuition by creating intimacy with body and mind.

My work as  consultant is informed by my approaches: Gestalt, Mindfulness, Feminism and Jungian process.  It is my aim to inspire you to develop the conditions and skills that augment your initiatives and diminish obstacles to fulfillment in your life and career.  

$140 per session.            Contact Deborah in Boulder, CO

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photo, D.Bowman

My experience will help you:

  • Dream big

  • Articulate your vision

  • Expand your skillset

  • Build a diverse network

  • Handle crisis


  • Expand cultural awareness

  • Deepen contact

  • Make ethical decisions

  • Work with resistance

  • Celebrate success

Find out about:  Journey of the Feminine Workshop , Dec 2019!