• Deborah Bowman

Journey of the Feminine

Getting away is often essential to finding our way in a busy world.

Getting away can mean finding a quiet spot in nature, a healing circle or the intimacy of a therapist's office. photo: D. Bowman

Is your path to healing to your own good nature?

Our true nature is compassionate and creative. Finding our way home to this basic goodness sometimes means taking time out to rejuvenate and connect to that which nurtures and sustains us on the journey. Our path can seem circuitous with out stopping to take stock, checking in with others or appreciating what is available in the moment.

Creativity, Community and Compassionate Action

The feminine is understood as healing and embracing the whole; the whole our ourselves, our community and our planet. Finding the embrace of the feminine can be done in a quiet space, in a circle of other women or through the play of the expressive arts.

We are creating a small circle of healing for women who are looking to bring their whole selves into healing the larger circles of our world. Together we will create a container of safety and discovery to re-member the inherent gifts of the feminine in our lives.

We will draw on archetypal stories of the feminine through figures representing her compassion, strength and inspiration. We will walk a breathtaking labyrinth, journal our experience and share our visions utilizing the natural materials of the land, art materials and voice.

The natural setting of the La Sende Retreat center in Costa Rica provides us with the opportunity to spend quiet time in Mother Nature’s embrace to reflect and enrich our process.

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