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 Enlivening Psychotherapy 


Collaborative Supervision


Enriching Events


Gestalt, FeministJungian


Mindfulness Approaches 


photo, D.Bowman

Deborah Bowman

  • 32 years as  a psychotherapist in Boulder CO

  • Certified Gestalt Therapist since 1987

  • Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

  • 28 years as a professor at Naropa University

  • Author, artist and outdoor affectionado

My passion is to now pass on this hard earned experience to you as a GestaltFeministMindfulness, & Jungian Practitioner.


Each approach addresses depression, anxiety, loss and creative challenges in unique ways. As a psychotherapist, my job is to listen closely to discover what works best with you.  

I have learned that the most valuable attitude in this work is humility. While it is essential to develop confidence, we must never forget the vastness of our not-knowing. 

As a psychologist, supervisor, presenter or workshop leader I am ready to learn from you as well as share my experience, wisdom and joy. Watch Deborah's TEDX talk, Falling into Grace.




   I feel most alive when working in close collaboration with someone on a journey of discovery of the body, mind and heart.  

   Examining dreams or learning to sit calmly in bewilderment can be the perfect response to what may feel like being lost in the woods.  


   Learning to follow your instincts or a logical plan of action is a delicate balance to master.  My job is to model this balance and help you find yours.

                        *      *      *

For fast acting relief, try slowing down.

                                      ~ Lily Tomlin

    Whether you are facing loss, depression, anxiety, relationship challenge, career issues or a creative block ~ as an experienced psychotherapist I can provide the extra support you may need to make positive change.

   While it is necessary to root out sources and patterns of pain I have found a playful approach is also beneficial to healing and growth. 

   Whatever challenge or circumstance you face, my job is to compassionately support what is best for you.

   The excitement of building a new life or a practice practice can feel  anxiety provoking without the safety of a life affirming witness. 

   My office is an open space  to share your experience or experiment with active imagination, a gestalt dialog, or a contemplation.


   Together we work to discover the process you find most enlivening and enriching for change and growth.  

                *      *       *

May you be fearless.  May you make your life breathtakingly beautiful through your acts of generosity and compassion. 

                                ~ Geri Larkin

   Sample Publications

  • Guanyin and the Handless Maiden: A Feminine Path of Awakening 


 Retired Professor, Naropa University, Boulder, CO

  • Founded Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

  • Founded Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy

  • Initiated Transpersonal Art Therapy

  • Initiated Naropa Community Counseling center

  • Courses taught include:

         Professional Seminar & Ethics 

         Gestalt Awareness  & Gestalt Experiment     

         Group Dynamics & Leadership         

         Jungian Art Therapy​         

         Nonviolent Communication